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Audit and Assurance

Audits are highly complicated, and regulations keep changing. Harbins in collaboration with our partner audit firms in UAE has a team of experts who have up to date knowledge and expertise to solve these complications.

With committed talent at our disposal, we ensure your audits and assurances are conducted at a highly professional level. Afterall audits and assurance are important for all business owners and decision makers. Not only do you need it to steer clear from the regulatory authorities, but you also need to get assured on the condition of the business.

Many businesses do not understand the importance of audits and assurance enough, and that results in decisions being made based upon incorrect/unverified data. Processes once implemented are not tested for efficiency and this results in damages/losses. Hiring professionals with relevant industry experience for the job can avoid such losses.

With Harbins, you are partnered with the auditors and assurance practitioners that are experts in their field.


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    Accounting Operations Assurance

    Accounting processes and controls are constantly affected by the changes in accounting practices/standards. We provide assurance on these controls and processes to ensure their effectiveness.

    Business assurance

    Business Assurance

    Extensive industry knowledge and vast experience in various departments of finance of our team enables your organization to optimize efficiency of your finance function and produce effective results.


    Complex Accounting Assurance

    Practically applying and implementing technical accounting standards and practices is not an easy task. We provide organizations a comprehensive view on accounting processes and their implementation in the organization and advise on the best course of action.  


    Why an Audit?

    It could be required by the bank, local authorities, insurance companies, regulatory bodies, or other stakeholders. Harbins in collaboration with our partner audit firms specializes in conducting internal and external audits and provide assurances as required.

    Support and services

    At Harbins we pride ourselves in establishing timely and direct communication with our clients. We are always there to answer your queries and clear up any of the concerns that you may have


    Assurance for decision making

    Assurance is sought to provide confidence to the shareholders and other stakeholders over the safety, profitability, and growth of businesses. Stakeholders rely on sound internal processes and production of credible information to make decisions and develop policies. Confidence is affected when there are uncertainties around the integrity of information or operational processes. We at Harbins in collaboration with our partner assurance firms provide reliable assurances to mitigate this issue.

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