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Real Estate auditing requires efficient accounting, reporting, and finance transformation. The real estate industry is not restricted to land. It also includes multiple facets of property, such as marketing, selling, industrial, management of commercial and agricultural properties.

At Harbins, we offer tailor-made service to fit your national, local and global real estate needs. Given the urgency to address issues that fluctuate the real estate industry and render it unstable, Harbins offers tax consultancy services so that realtors can implement practical solutions without any hitch.


    Hire Harbins for tax evaluation

    Hire Harbins for tax evaluation

    When it comes to real estate in UAE’s stiff market, realtors find themselves dealing with sky-rocketing prices and a plethora of many other complications. That is primarily because many companies lack the expertise, internal skills, and relevant resources to reduce liabilities and manage their compliance effectively.

    Harbins has a team of specialists with knowledge regarding multi-dimensional fields. Their comprehensive understanding and deep experience can help you approach your property taxes in a much streamlined and tax-efficient manner.

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    Real estate must persistently grapple with fractured geopolitics, social tension, climate change, and technological disruption.

    Therefore it is the industry that demands to be structured and combat the volatility. This is where Harbins comes to the rescue. It customizes its auditing and book-keeping services to benefit specific regional and national needs.

    The role of Harbins on real estate

    The role of Harbins on real estate

    Harbins realize that now is the optimal time for real estate companies to utilize proprietary at their disposal.

    Therefore they are keen to provide their clientele with effective tax consultancy, VAT services. Harbins is also equipped with expert auditors, so hire them and become the number one realtor.

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