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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning services (ERP) have become very common in the last few years. It has proved to be a successful system that streamlines a company’s processes and outcomes. The rapid growth of ERP has led to many issues related to implementation. Harbins provides ERP solutions and consultancy for companies and organizations to make them stand out among world leaders.


    ERP Is The Secret To Your Company’s Successful Future

    ERP Implementation and Planning

    ERP Implementation and Planning

    Harbins provides executive ERP services, by developing tailor-made systems, and implementing them at all levels. We help integrate a strong system and provide training to your staff to ensure a smooth outcome.

    How Does An ERP Help Your Company

    How Does An ERP Help Your Company?

    ERP is an integrated approach to controlling the various aspects of the delivery process of your company’s product. Enterprise resource planning focuses on overall plan visibility, planning, manufacturing, scheduling, material management, asset control, and customer service, as part of a coordinated and unified system. Enterprise resource planning software is used for integrating the diverse aspects of an organization and for supporting the operations through a well-defined set of procedures, materials, and processes. It integrates all internal resources and information from suppliers, partners, and the activities of the sales, marketing, and control functions. So, ERP essentially encompasses manufacturing and planning as it includes distribution and logistics.

    Support and services

    The biggest challenge for any ERP system change is how to change the processes that have been implemented so far without disrupting the business. So, in order to change the outdated processes, Harbins modifies your existing system, upgrades it with latest implementations, and finalizes a system to suit the new business requirements.


    Let Harbins Push Your Business Forward

    The ERP at Harbins has the potential to significantly reduce cost and operational complexity of an enterprise but it can only be effectively brought into play if the other elements of business management system are also upgraded or developed to suit new business processes. Software applications can integrate enterprise resource planning with finance, supply chain management and human resources.

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