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Value Added Tax Service

The aim and objectives of a VAT Consulting company include the identification of areas for improvement and the expansion of commercial activity and employment opportunities. Harbins has the experience with proven success in setting up and running VAT compliant retail outlets. This will also be familiar with the processes which are involved in international trading and will have the necessary contacts with key decision makers from across the globe. This experience and training can help your company to become self-sufficient when it comes to VAT compliance and can assist in the harmonisation of standards across all businesses in UAE.


    VAT Compliance Can Help Your Company Avoid Penalties

    VAT Automation

    VAT Automation

    The need for a directly applicable VAT calculation system is becoming all the more necessary. Harbins can help develop a systemic approach for you where all your hidden tax applicable calculations are directly aligned with your data.

    VAT Compliance

    To operate in UAE, all business entities are liable to pay VAT on all transactions. This is why VAT registration in UAE is important, as well as necessary. You could end up paying huge fines if your UAE VAT implementation is out of order.

    VAT Advisory

    VAT Advisory

    Harbins provides the latest VAT advisory services to all our clients. Our team of specialized professionals has always kept up to date with the latest tax regulations in UAE, leading us to be an important factor for companies seeking VAT compliance.

    How Harbins Makes You VAT Compliant

    How Harbins Makes You VAT Compliant

    In addition to setting up a VAT/GST compliant system, Harbins will also conduct surveys to identify potential problems and opportunities and will undertake feasibility studies which will examine the efficiency of the existing system.

    Support and services

    Harbins works with both retailers and wholesalers to ensure that both parties achieve maximum tax benefits. We design and implement a plan of action which will result in both parties being fully compliant with all the tax laws and regulations. This includes planning and implementation of strategies and systems to ensure that all tax collections are properly monitored and collected and will also help the authorities in developing new policy initiatives that will better assist both parties.

    Harbins has strong industry knowledge of customs and taxation and will understand fully how to collect the appropriate taxes and pay it at the correct rate. Our team will not only be fully aware of changes to the law within the dimensions of the government laws but will be fully apprised of the changes which may occur at an overseas location.

    Why Is VAT Compliance Important?

    VAT is a government-levied tax that ensures that all parties pay up a percentage of every transaction with another party to the government. The UAE government has put in place huge fines that can cause you a big financial loss if your business isn’t VAT compliant.

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