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Corporate Tax Service

Corporate tax (CT) is a direct tax imposed on the profits of corporations and other entities from their business activities.

In the UAE, the Corporate Tax Law was introduced on December, 2022, establishing a Federal Corporate Tax regime effective from June 1st, 2023. This law applies to all business and commercial activities in the UAE, with certain exemptions such as government entities, qualifying investment funds, and public pension funds.

Adherence to international standards aims to enhance the UAE’s attractiveness as a global business destination. To navigate this new tax landscape and avoid penalties, consider utilizing our services for expert guidance and compliance. Choose Harbins without a hint of doubt. Contact Us!

Maintain your tax compliance through Harbins at an affordable price. Get support from Experienced Accountants for bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, VAT and Corporate Tax Filing.

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    Avoid 10,000 AED Penalty by Registering for Corporate Tax

    Tax Umbrella

    Harbins specializes in optimizing tax obligations for individuals and businesses, particularly in Corporate Tax. They navigate complexities for both local and foreign entities, ensuring compliance and maximizing tax efficiency, including exemptions for certain income types.

    Transfer Pricing Regulations

    Harbins helps businesses adhere to transfer pricing regulations in UAE mainland and free zones, ensuring transactions with related parties follow market prices. They aid in developing policies, annual submissions, and offer expertise to optimize operations while ensuring compliance.

    VAT Advisory

    Transitional Provisions and Necessary Requirements

    Harbins assists in navigating Article 61’s transitional provisions, enforcing arms-length principle in accounting transactions from January 1, 2023 or earlier based on initial tax period. They ensure compliance, facilitating tax reduction schemes eligibility.

    How Harbins Makes You Corporate Tax Compliant

    Harbins’ team of seasons Chartered Accountant professionals will help you in financial and Tax advisory as per global standards, ensuring compliance with International Accounting Atandards (IAS/IFRS). We excel in orchestrating a perfect Corporate Tax strategy for our clients including transfer pricing implementation across entire group as per OECD guidelines, along with seamless corporate tax registration and filing services. Trust us to elevate your financial operations with expertise tailored to your business needs.

    Support and services

    Harbins works with both retailers and wholesalers to ensure that both parties achieve maximum tax benefits. We design and implement a plan of action which will result in both parties being fully compliant with all the tax laws and regulations. This includes planning and implementation of strategies and systems to ensure that all tax collections are properly monitored and collected and will also help the authorities in developing new policy initiatives that will better assist both parties.

    Harbins has strong industry knowledge of customs and taxation and will understand fully how to collect the appropriate taxes and pay it at the correct rate. Our team will not only be fully aware of changes to the law within the dimensions of the government laws but will be fully apprised of the changes which may occur at an overseas location.

    Why is corporate tax compliance important?

    Failure to comply with corporate tax regulations in the UAE can result in penalties, interest charges, and legal action, including audits and potential prosecution. Non-compliance may lead to fines, restrictions on business activities, and reputational damage. It’s crucial for businesses to adhere to tax laws to avoid these consequences.

    As of 1st March 2024 Ministry of Finance announced the approval of AED 10,000 for late registrations of UAE Corporate Tax on businesses that have not yet registered with in the provided timeline by FTA

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