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Banking and Capital Markets

The importance of Banking and Capital Market Accounting is well recognised and appreciated in the Financial Services Industry. Harbins plays a key role in ensuring that companies operate within an effective framework, meeting both the short and long term objectives of the business. In addition, effective and reliable accounting and bookkeeping support are fundamental to the functioning of capital markets. These professionals serve an absolutely crucial role in the provision of capital and banking markets.


    How Does Harbins Conduct Business

    How Does Harbins Conduct Business?

    All financial statements relating to the activities of an enterprise are affected by the quality, consistency and timeliness of the accounting and audit services provided. An effective and reliable financial statement should be prepared and presented in a manner which ensures its accuracy, reliability and validity. This ensures that Harbins can assist management in achieving its financial objectives and meet legal requirements in respect of its obligations to shareholders, creditors and regulatory bodies. In addition, effective auditors can also assist management in reducing the costs, risks and expenses associated with the organization.

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    Management auditors prepare and review accounting reports that will be used internally by your management, and for external customers. Management’s internal control measures encompass policies and procedures for determining the fair presentation of the financial statements. Auditors perform examinations of internal control arrangements and controls related to a company’s reporting of financial statements. In addition, they assess the effectiveness of the internal control measures and ensure that they are maintained sufficiently to protect the financial interests of the company and to comply with the provisions of the laws set by the government.

    How Useful Can Our Services Be

    How Useful Can Our Services Be?

    There are several objectives of an accounting and audit function. This includes the preparation of accounting reports required for regulatory and supervisory purposes. These reports are designed to provide the relevant information that the regulatory and supervisory bodies may require in order to assess the risk profile of the company. Our auditors also assist management in the preparation of the annual financial statement and management’s report on the status of the business, providing recommendations as to improvements that could be made in order to improve the results of operations. In addition, they assist management in the preparation of management’s annual budget, which is required by regulation and requires a detailed examination of the activities and management’s internal control arrangements.

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