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Mergers and Acquisitions In UAE

Here at Harbins, we are highly particular about our M&A deals. Every deal is unique, and our experts follow an entirely different path for value creation. With a rich number of highly skilled professionals serving clients in various countries, Harbins M&A services are what you need to move forward without any hesitance. Whether it’s strategy creation, due diligence, or integration, we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Our team of experienced professionals is always willing to assist businesses in the development of strategic plans to redesign their operations, navigate shifting priorities, and leverage all the opportunities in the market through mergers and acquisitions. The M&A services team at Harbins is well-versed in business intelligence, buy-side, sell-side, financial matters, auditing, and taxation.


    With Harbins, You Can Get These Services Through Our Risk-Intelligent Approach, Anywhere in The World

    Corporate Finance Advisory

    Corporate Finance Advisory

    Our specialized approach helps businesses to derive value while seizing all the future opportunities. This includes optimizing cash flows, aligning with compliance rules, recovering trapped liquidity and capital from several places.

    Transaction Services

    Transaction Services

    The identification and correct recording of financial transactions can significantly reduce costs, alongside creating incredible value. With that in mind, our transaction and bookkeeping services help companies improve as we transform periods of the financial crisis into fantastic opportunities.

    Valuation Services

    Valuation Services

    Harbins has been providing valuation support services to our clients in finding out the value of all intangible assets. Whether it’s taxation planning, compliance, M&A, strategic planning, divestiture, dispute resolutions, or financial reporting, we do it all!

    Learn About Divestiture

    We believe divestitures will be considered a vital element of corporate strategy as businesses are readily reviewing their asset portfolios to build liquidity on their balance sheets. Our M&A services fulfill all your needs as you try to find the best exit strategy or whether you look to restructure your business.

    Support and services

    The support and services of strategic financial enhancement initiatives can surely help cut down costs and create value. This is precisely why our restructuring services ensure that companies see remarkable operational turnarounds along with significant performance improvements. These improved performances can help pull any company out of financial crisis and set them on the path to success.

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    Ace Up Your M&A With Harbins

    Our experts have all the capabilities and skills your deal requires. Our experience in business intelligence, finance, buying/selling, human capital, valuation, and risk management has set us apart from the competition.

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